Past Events: 
September 2022: Assembling COVID kits for refugees
- Assembled over 150 COVID kits for local refugees at CWS Durham

October 2022: Coat Drive for Refugee Hope Partners
- Collected over 100 coats for local refugees

November 2022: Myanmar Refugee Crisis Awareness Event
- Visited and helped local Burmese refugee farm: Transplanting Traditions
- Made authentic Burmese food using farm recipes

Feburary 2022: STAR Dinner with Documentary Event
- Hosted an event to raise awareness about Global Refugee Crisis
- Screened the documentary "Refugee" by Alexander J Farrell: a documentary focused on the Syrian refugee crisis
- Invited panelists and experts to participate in a discussion about how to help local refugees
- Experts included: representatives from local refugee organizations (Refugee Hope Partners, CWS Durham), an immigration lawyer from Duke, a message from Congresswoman Ross, and Senator Tillis
- Raised $500 for local refugee organizations

Ukrainian Refugee Bake Sale

  Paper Products Drive

Coat Drive

​Myanmar Refugee Crisis Awareness Event

Covid Kit Assembly

Cary Academy STAR

Planned Activities:
- Annual STAR Bakesale
- STAR Conference with local schools
- Meeting with refugees
- Speaker Series with Refugees in Community
- Celebrating World Refugee Day


President/Founder: Tanya Sachdev

Event Coordinators: Syd O'Rourke and Katie Wiater

Advisors: Susan Ferraro and Ahnie Ingram

Star Dinner With Documentary