Vineeth Vaidyula - Founder President
Samiya M. - Vice President
Cate V. - Director of Marketing
 Rana A. - Director of Events
Serena J. - Co-Director of Outreach
Saniya K. - Co-Director of Outreach


Meron H. - Director of Events

​Riya D. - Director of Outreach

Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to aid the release and resettlement of refugees, immigrants, and other migrants in the Richmond, VA community by connecting said migrants to student volunteers and student-made resources at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Executive Board:

STAR at Virginia Commonwealth University

Questions? Email us at:

NGO Partners:

  • International Rescue Committee in Richmond
  • ReEstablish Richmond
  • LIRs

Previous Events 2021-2022

Migrant Detention Dinner Gala and Art Auction 10/22

Migrants held in detention centers are expected to buy their own hygiene products such as soap, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, and other necessities while not being able to work. Therefore, to support migrants detained in Virginian ICE detention centers, we hosted a gala that featured several migrant-related speakers and an art auction with pieces made by VCU Arts students who were passionate about refugee rights we ended up raising over $470 to the free them all VA organization's commissary fund.

​Refugee Audio-Visual Exhibit and Anti-ICE Petition 4/22

​To raise discourse about immigration, we created a mini-exhibit at the Monroe Park undergrad campus to highlight the journey many DRC, Somalian, and Afghan refugees take to reach the US and VA. We used photos, facts, maps, and anecdotes to explain how and why people flee from their home nations in search of a better life. We also petitioned for VA to adopt the Dignity Not Detention act to end ICE detention practices in the state, and we received over 70 signatures from VCU students.

Richmond Refugees Health Partners RRHP Volunteer Program 6/22-Present

​"RRHP was founded by Vineeth to address the unmet healthcare advocacy needs of newly resettled refugees and other migrants of the International Rescue Committee (IRC-Richmond), and to educate undergraduate pre-health students in person-centered, cross-cultural care. VCU pre-health student volunteers, also known as Health Partners, work alongside IRC staff to conduct Health Orientations for refugee clients while receiving educational support from the STAR@VCU team. If you're interested in applying for the Spring 2023 semester, please fill out this application: