At each meeting, STAR Club discussed pressing, global refugee crises occurring in Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Myanmar, Yemen, and more. Club members were also provided with resources to assist and/or donate to the refugees. In February 2021, STAR Club collaborated with Balance Boxes, a youth-led registered 501(c)3, in providing students in low-income communities with boxes full of books, blankets, stuffed animals, art supplies, various toys, and more.

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''Back in mid-February, the officers and I began promoting and campaigning for a school-wide (elementary, middle, and high school) drive to collect donated clothing and shoes, as well as purchased socks and underwear for a local refugee house across the border in Juarez, Mexico and for local refugee children in the nearby city of Anthony. We promoted our drive by offering free dress (meaning for one day students could come to school in their own clothes rather than wearing the school uniform) for students who brought at least 5 items. Some teachers also offered extra credit. We hung posters around the school, made announcements in the morning, and advertised on social media. In the end, combining all donations from the elementary, middle and high school, we collected around 32 filled trash bags  of items, and we split them in half among the two refugee agencies. The drive was an overall success! STAR Club members, the Loretto Academy president Sr. Buffy and principal Mr. Silva were all immensely proud of what we accomplished.'' -Christie Moreck, President of Loretto Academy STAR

Loretto Academy STAR club helped with a coat/jacket drive for refugee children and adults receiving aid from a local organization, Annunciation House

Virtual Meetings in 2020-2021

Clothing and Shoe Drive for Juarez, Mexico

Loretto Academy STAR

Past Events:

  • Afghan flood relief fundraiser
  • ​Donation drive for local refugees

Thanks to their incredible work helping refugees in their area, the Loretto Academy STAR Club was featured in the weekly school newsletter in the student spotlight!

Zoe Moreck- President

Sara Sandoval- Vice-President

Anette Valdés- Secretary

Melania Martinez- Community Service Chairperson

Abril Salcido Armendariz- Fundraiser Chairperson  


Coat and Jacket Drive