Santa Monica, CA

Crossroads School of Arts and Sciences STAR


Recent Project: One of the main goals of our club is to raise awareness about the refugee crisis in our community and to educate our peers about this global issue. So, we created a mini-exhibition which we set up in a tent at our school which highlighted the journey many Central Americans take to reach the southern US border. We included photos, facts, maps, and personal anecdotes which explained how and why people flee from their home countries in search of a better life. Not only do we want to encourage others to become more aware about this issue, but we also want to spark change and take action to create better and safer lives for people in already very dangerous situations. So, we also wrote a letter to our representative, Ted Lieu, and created a petition for students and faculty to sign after seeing our exhibit which demanded change for the conditions refugees face.


- Have a bake sale to raise money to donate to refugees at the southern US border
- Bring a refugee speaker to campus to share their story 
- Have a drive to collect necessity items to donate
- Create an art collaboration about the refugee crisis to install on campus

Co-presidents: Leah Golubchik, Paola Hernandez, Wendy Cortez