Your affiliation with STAR will provide you and your club/student group with a lot of support and resources to help get your club/student group on its feet. These include:

1. Promotion on the STAR website

2. A say in the direction of STAR

3. Guidance from experienced STAR members

4. Training on how to organize events, find volunteer opportunities, and even run club meetings.

5. A logo and material to publicize your club/student organization

6. The opportunity to be part of a larger organization. United we can truly make a big difference!

These resources can make a difference, and will tremendously increase your capability as a club/student group

Star Refugees - Students Together Assisting

"A group like STAR can connect with students and set an example of how to be a leader and be a role model for them."

​- Rupa Dhaurali,
A Bhutanese Refugee

1. Contact STAR

Email us your intentions and questions at this email address: 

We look forward to your emails!

Why establish a STAR club?

How to Start a STAR Club